Out of concern for the safety of our Guests and our employees, we have introduced the highest hygiene standards in order to ensure broadly understood safety in connection with Covid19.

We carefully follow the recommendations of global and local public health authorities, all apartment hygiene procedures have been carefully analyzed and adapted to the current situation.

By choosing apartments in our company, our guests can be sure that the highest safety standards regarding hygiene and order are respected.

The Stay Safe Program, implemented for the sake of the safety of our guests, includes:

Reception located at our office:


Employees of the Welcome Apartment company:

Medical care:

In the event of a health threat to our guests, we provide assistance in contact with a doctor. The Stay Safe program has been developed with the health and well-being of our guests in mind, so that they can rest peacefully in the safe interior of the apartment.

Object : Old Town - OldNova

OldNova is situated in the direct neighbourhood of Old Town and the most beautiful tourist attractions of Gdańsk. Walking to the Motlawa river, Neptune’s Fountain or WWII Museum will take us only a few minutes. A central location doesn’t have to mean city tumult and large groups of tourists – OldNova was created in a quaint quarter of Midtown, on the Panieńska and Browarna streets. Gdańsk is a city of endless opportunity. Landmarks, museums, theatres, cafes and restaurants. But also concerts, conferences and sports events. The city is alive with business, arts and tourism. OldNova is a perfect choice for Guests who wish for peace and quiet, while also being in close proximity to a vibrant city.