Out of concern for the safety of our Guests and our employees, we have introduced the highest hygiene standards in order to ensure broadly understood safety in connection with Covid19.

We carefully follow the recommendations of global and local public health authorities, all apartment hygiene procedures have been carefully analyzed and adapted to the current situation.

By choosing apartments in our company, our guests can be sure that the highest safety standards regarding hygiene and order are respected.

The Stay Safe Program, implemented for the sake of the safety of our guests, includes:

Reception located at our office:


Employees of the Welcome Apartment company:

Medical care:

In the event of a health threat to our guests, we provide assistance in contact with a doctor. The Stay Safe program has been developed with the health and well-being of our guests in mind, so that they can rest peacefully in the safe interior of the apartment.

Why us?

The journey begins long before you embark on it. It lasts as long as you remember the places you visit. What causes you to choose this apartment and not another? The view? The equipment? The location? We think that choosing an apartment for a holiday or business trip is similar to furnishing your own home – making it comfortable, cosy and elegant. Great to live in. No matter if it’s for two days or two years. 


For many years, we have been creating a map of places in Gdańsk, which are adored by Guests from around the world. Our apartments combine the non committal atmosphere of a short-term apartment, with the comfort of the best hotel. It’s important to us that your journey transforms into an adventure,  and that your experiences become the greatest memories from Gdańsk. Stay in Welcome Apartment and see the uniqueness of the city which has been attracting travellers for over 1000 years.


Your joy in experiencing Gdańsk is really important to us: we will gladly show you around the city and show you its innermost corners. We will tell you where to go for dinner and where to drink the original Goldwasser. We can also reserve a table for you in a restaurant or buy theater tickets. If you need additional accessories or your favorite coffee for your apartment – we will take care of it.

Gdańsk has a lot to offer and we do our best to make your time in this city perfect. It happens more and more often that our guests, enchanted by Gdańsk, decide to live in it permanently. This is what we do too. We will find you a home where your story will begin.



From the windows of our apartments you can see the history of a city which, for over 1000 years, has been attracting with its monumental architecture, innovation and variety. 

At your disposal we provide apartments in the heart of Gdańsk, from which everything is close by. They are places which bring together entertainment, culture and business. Close to the centre yet enwrapped in the peace of meticulously designed architecture, with an interior which encapsulates everything you need.


The journey begins long before you embark on it. It lasts for as long as you remember the places you visit. 

We are with you at every step of the journey – from planning all the way to closing. We will prepare for you an apartment according to your needs, being at your disposal in full readiness, to make your time in Gdańsk unforgettable. Everything in an atmosphere of full trust, discretion and best hotel traditions. 


Our apartments are equipped with furniture and accessories in hotel standard. 

The beds will ensure a regenerative and peaceful sleep, you will spend pleasant moments of relaxation on soft sofas, and your morning coffee will be brewed in a professional machine. Let this apartment be your home in Gdańsk.